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Community Based Rehabilitation

Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) is an approach of development cooperation which wants to assure the access to important services like health care facilities, schools and working places for people with restricted mobility. Especially in rural areas of developing countries there is barely access to health care particularly for people with disabilities. But actually they are the ones who need medical support.

By using the concept of CBR people try to offer as much services as possible locally in order to be able to care for a large group of people. Services of rehabilitation are integrated in the regular health care system and rendered by professional rehabilitation workers. Often, small teams are trained in health care centres and work together with professionals in supporting the families living in villages. There they are able to render their health care services (health protection, health promotion, prevention, medical attendance, rehabilitation) directly to the people and to show them which rehabilitation exercises they can do on their own or with the help of family members.
In South Asia for example, a community worker with medical-therapeutical qualification attends concerned children and their families. They are supported in organising their everyday life. Out of the work of the community worker grew new contacts between concerned families, a group with regular meetings and common child care was organised.
In 2012 a conference about Community Based Rehabilitation will take place. Detailed information will be announced.
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