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Inclusive Early Childhood Development - an Underestimated Component of Poverty Reduction

International Conference "Inclusive Early Childhood Development - an Underestimated Component of Poverty Reduction" (Bonn, 3.-4.February 2011)

Early child development plays a key role within the development potential of societies. It is a vital component which contributes towards the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals to reduce poverty as well as to achieve the development goals in the area of health and education.
Aim of the conference was to show which significance early child development has for human development and what central role it plays for poverty reduction. Questions like “What impact does poverty have on human development and which strategies could avoid the negative consequences of it? Or how can children with disabilities who live in poverty be identified and supported as early as possible and, if available, be included in general early childhood programs?” were discussed throughout the conference. Furthermore the conferencel focused on how early child development could be more strengthened within the field of development cooperation.
The conference was organized and hosted by Disability and Development Cooperation (bezev), Caritas Germany international, Kindernothilfe and Kindermissionswerk “Die Sternsinger".
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