Behinderung und Entwicklungs­zusammen­arbeit e.V.

bezev engagiert sich für eine nachhaltige und gerechte Welt. In der Arbeit liegt ein besonderer Schwerpunkt in der Verbesserung der Entwicklungs- und Teilhabechancen von Menschen mit Behinderungen im Globalen Süden.

Information for Partner Organisations

You want to send or receive volunteers with impairment/disability? Our offers cover the south-north and the north-south-component.

We want to ensure that everyone can take part in the weltwärts programme. Therefore we work together with weltwärts partner organisations since 2012.

We offer consultations, trainings, publications, events and networking options for all organizations interested in inclusive voluntary commitment abroad.

Our offers specifically for partner organisations


  • We advise you on questions of organisation, implementation, financing, barrier-free access and pedagogical support of an inclusive south-north or north-south voluntary service

Please get in contact with us, when you want to get consultation.

Partner Conferences

  • We take actively part in partner conferences as contact person for inclusion
  • We evaluate your needs and experiences to make the South-North component more inclusive


  • "Just do it now": Our DVD in English, Spanish, French and German gives tips and advice about all steps of inclusive voluntary commitment abroad
  • "Let's Play": Includes methods, games and energizers for volunteering. A handbook with ten familiarisation games, 24 energizers and other ideas for implementing seminars for inclusive groups.
  • "Incredibly Inclusive": Handbook for inclusive guidance of participants in international volunteer services

Your contact person: 

Lena Azuma

0201-29 44 12 28

Just do it now!

Just do it now!


Die Teilnehmenden der Partnerkonferenz in Nagpur/Indien

Das Kompetenzzentrum vertritt regelmäßig das Thema Inklusion im weltwärts-Programm auf Partnerkonferenzen. Hier finden Sie Berichte und Dokumentationen von vergangenen Teilnahmen.