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Call for Papers - Inclusive Education

Hier finden Sie den aktuellen Call for Papers und andere wichtige Informationen, wenn Sie sich dafür interessieren im Rahmen eines Beitrags an der Zeitschrift mitzuwirken.


Inclusive Education 

During the last 25 years, since the Salamanca Statement on inclusive education, much progress has been achieved in equalizing the opportunities to education for all children with and without disabilities and in realizing inclusive education for all. But there are still many challenges persisting. In the first decade of the new Millennium, the UN-CRPD forced the right to inclusive education, and finally the 2030 Agenda on sustainable development pointed out the value of inclusive and equitable education of high quality and to leave no-one behind.

The editorial board decided to highlight the importance of inclusion as well as the key to achieving the right to education for all by focusing on concepts and challenges of inclusive education in the issue no. 1/ 2020.

 We invite researchers and experts from practical background to contribute their idea. Articles may broach the following topics: 

  • empirical data on the development from exclusive to inclusive education in different countries or contexts;
  • successful inclusive approaches for pre-school and school and higher education in the global south;
  • concepts for and studies on inclusive settings for life-long learning;
  • scientific studies on main barriers and challenges for inclusive education world-wide;
  • comparative studies on concepts for inclusion in different countries with focus on low-income countries;
  • studies and reports on achievements according to Art. 24 UN-CRPD and/or SDG-Goal No. 4;
  • concepts combining inclusive and education for sustainability or studies reporting on such concepts;
  • articles on the relevance and impact of the General comment No. 4 (2016) on the right to inclusive education on strategies and concepts of international development.

Before you send us your suggestion, please read the “Information for Authors” first and then contact the coordinating editor for this issue via e-mail: Prof. Dr. Sabine Schäper (

Deadline for submission of papers: 15.02.2020

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