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Every human being is unique from the beginning and remains so throughout his or her life. We grow up differently, some of us are creative, more or less skilled at handicrafts. This diversity is normal. Or - what is even normal?

Often, otherness is judged negatively; those who deviate from the norm, for example, through a physical or psychological characteristic, are made to feel this from an early age. The view of our society and its institutions is strongly focused on the deficits of a person and less on commonalities or on what each individual can do.

This contrasts with the ideal of a society for all, which places people in the foreground and their natural membership of the community.

The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, in force since May 2008, guarantees the right to development and participation under international law. This convention therefore represents a milestone for people with impairments/disabilities worldwide. The Convention makes it clear that people with impairments/disabilities belong in the midst of society from the very beginning and that participation is a human right, not an act of welfare or mercy.

bezev advocates for inclusion worldwide and is committed to a just, social and sustainable world in which all people have equal opportunities for development and participation. 
Inclusive is sustainable. The world's population is steadily ageing and the number of older people is increasing. They, too, depend on a barrier-free and inclusive environment. Inclusion is therefore a forward-looking concept that is comfortable for all people and includes everyone.

Since 2008, the equality of persons with disabilities has been valid international law.

Since 2008, the equality of persons with disabilities has been valid international law.