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Creating structures for inclusive voluntary commitment

Already since 2012 bezev has been committed to the participation of people with disabilities in the field of foreign engagement and voluntary services. By pointing out and documenting barriers, bezev continuously contributed to their removal.

On the one hand, bezev is committed to improving the legal framework, which prevents people with disabilities from engaging abroad on an equal footing.

On the other hand, bezev contributes to an improvement of the promotion guidelines of various formats and programmes of foreign engagement/voluntary services themselves.   

In order to carry out this important political and committee work, bezev is networked with other organisations and sponsors, in particular with self-representative organisations of people with disabilities as well as sponsors of international volunteer services or foreign commitments.

Networking with other organisations is an essential part of the political work.

Networking with other organisations is an essential part of the political work.

Inclusion in guidelines for foreign commitment / volunteer services

The participants of the project advisory board at their meeting in Bonn.

bezev has been actively involved in various committees of the weltwärts volunteer service programme since 2012 - since 2015 it has been carrying out this intensive committee work as the "weltwärts Competence Centre for the Inclusion of Volunteers with Disabilities" officially mandated by the weltwärts programme.

Creating the legal framework for inclusion in voluntary foreign commitments

Bezev is also committed to breaking down legal barriers.

In order for people with disabilities to be able to get involved abroad on an equal legal base, bezev advocates an improvement of the legal framework within the framework of comprehensive political work, which currently prevents or significantly complicates the involvement of people with disabilities abroad.