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Goal 17

Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development

Goal 17 deals with various aspects of the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. Various sub-goals contain statements on financing the new agenda. National resources are to be mobilised more intensively and capacities increased in order to raise government revenues. Furthermore, it is to be ensured that the industrialised nations keep their promises to provide the target of 0.7 % of gross national income for official development cooperation.

Furthermore, cooperation and exchange in the field of science, technology and innovation to promote technologies and capacity building shall be improved. The global trading system is to be improved and policy and institutional coherence enhanced at the systemic international level. The Global Partnership for Sustainable Development is to be expanded and complemented by multi-actor partnerships.
However, this goal also includes the important issues of monitoring and accountability for the achievement of the goals. It firmly agrees that data to measure the achievement of the goals will be disaggregated not only by income, gender, age, ethnicity, migration status, but also by disability, and that the so-called developing countries will be supported through capacity building to collect such data. These sub-targets are of particular importance for the verification of the claim to leave no one behind.