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Publication "Just do it now!"

bezev is pleased to announce the release of our recent publication “Just do it now! Guideline for Partner Organizations – Inclusion of Volunteers with Disability within International Volunteer Services”.

The guideline was first published in 2014 and was updated just now with numerous suggestions for best practices and new experiences made in the last years. The guideline sums up useful hints and suggestions for your (inclusive) work as an organization in the weltwärts-program. The updates concern (but are not limited to) topics like financial aid for additional needs of the volunteer, insurance abroad and evaluation of the experience made with the inclusive volunteering service. Please also find a table of content below (see inlay and booklet as download below)

The guideline is now available as a CD-ROM for only 15€ (shipping included); allowing you to download and print all available documents for optimized usage. The guideline is available in 4 languages: English, French, Spanish and German.

If you would like to get a hardcopy of the guideline, you can still buy the 2014-version of the guideline for 15€ or get the hardcopy and CD-ROM as a package deal for 25€ (all prices include shipping).

You can place your order via email:

e.g. by using the form for offering this publication (see download below)