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Consultation for Interested Persons

There are various possibilities for a stay abroad. bezev offers consultation for persons with impairments/disabilities.

Whether you want to go abroad for a year, several months or a few weeks: There is something for everyone.

You are living in Germany and looking for a voluntary post abroad?

You are living abroad and looking for a voluntary post in Germany?

bezev is offering you:

  • Comprehensive consulation on disabiltiy inclusive stays abroad
  • Support to find a suitable programme
  • "Peer-support" by other persons with similar needs  (e.g. former volunteers with impairment/disability)

We are happy to advise you by e-mail, telephone or via digital tools (e.g. Skype, Jitsi, Zoom). Or you can come by appointment to our accessible office in Essen. We are also happy to organise sign language interpretation for a personal consultation on site or digitally.

Ways abroad:

Those interested in a stay abroad can choose from various programmes and formats. We provide a brief overview here with a focus on state-funded and disability inclusive opportunities.

Stays abroad can take place during holidays if you prefer a short stay, longer once often during school, studies, vocational training or in tranistion periods.

1. During Holidays

Shorter stays abroad are possible during the (summer) holidays. International Youth Encounters and Workcamps offer a good opportunity to try out a stay abroad for two to four weeks. The programmes are state-subsidised and therefore comparatively inexpensive. Some providers also have inclusive offers.

International Youth Encounters

In International Youth Encountouters, young people from different countries work on a theme/project. They spend the night in group accommodation such as youth hostels or campsites. There are offers for young people between the ages of 13 and 30.


In Workcamps, people from different countries work on a community service project. Most work camps are for interested people between the ages of 18 and 30.

2. During School, Vocational Training, Studies

Being abroad for part of your schooling, studies or vocational training is a special experience.

School exchanges

School exchanges are not state founded, but some organisations have disability inclusive offers.

Erasmus+ and Ausbildung weltweit

Both programmes are state funded and offer financial support for people with disabilities who want to spend part of their vocational training or studies abroad.

3. In Transition Periods

Transition periods - i.e. after school and before univerity or vocational training - are a good time for longer stays abroad.

International Youth Volunteering Programmes

When volunteering abroad, people get involved in a non-profit project for a certain period of time. In most programme, international volunteering lasts one year, but there are options for shorter stays abroad as well. The government-regulated programmes include educational support and seminars before, during and after the voluntary service and some also offer financial support for impaiment/disability related costs. These programmes are implemented by non-profit organisations.

Privately organised stays

Au pair stays, Work & Travel or working in organic farming (WWOOF - "Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms") have to be organised and financed privately. Agencies also offer these programmes.


Voluntourism is understood as a stay abroad that combines voluntary activities with a holiday. Commercial agencies have a wide range of offers and all expenses have to be paid privately. In particular, short term voluntary activities in work with children are seen critical, as constantly changing contact persons are harmful for children.

Your contact person:

Charlotte Reichardt

Tel: 0201/29 44 12 23