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Call for Papers - Disability and Risk Management – People with Disabilities during the COVID-19-Pandemic

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As several studies show, disability is not generally related to a higher risk for contracting COVID-19 or having a severe course of the illness. In fact, some people with disabilities face higher risks because of underlying medical conditions like heart disease, or respiratory disease. Others actually face higher risks because of their living conditions: Not only, but particularly in the global south, disability is associated with poverty, and poverty goes hand in hand with a limited access to health care. There are many secondary disability-specific risks in the course of the pandemic. In some countries, standardized strategies of risk management cause some sort of re-institutionalisation in order to protect people from infection – whereas institutionalisation in itself may be a risk factor. In other cases, people with disabilities, their families and assistants report difficulties in access to health care, barrier-free information and protective equipment. Especially in regard of access to emergency health care people with disabilities are discriminated. So-called Triage decisions have been taken at the expense of people with disabilities. Overall, there is a huge lack of data on how people with disabilities are affected by the pandemic in whatever way. As we know in many other spheres of research, collected data on COVID-19-related issues usually is not disaggregated by disability. We invite researchers and experts from practical background to contribute to one of the following topics:

  • empirical data on specific risks of persons with disabilities;
  • experience and empirical data on health care coverage in general and emergency health care
  • for people with disabilities under conditions of the pandemic
  • concepts for risk management with respect to the right to decide on personal issues
  • articles addressing discrimination in the context of Triage decisions
  • concepts to enable people with intellectual disabilities to take responsibility for themselves

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The coordinating editor for this issue via e-mail: Prof. Dr. Sabine Schäper (
Deadline for submission of papers: 01.12.2020

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Call for Papers Edition 03/2021