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Incredibly Inclusive! - English

Inclusive Guidance of Participants in (International) Volunteer Services
This handbook is a treasure trove of ideas and good practice on how to make education and mentoring for volunteers more inclusive and accessible.

How can all Aspects of Guidance be made inclusive
Inclusive Guidance in (Workshop) Groups
Summary: Creating Inclusive Cultures, Structures and Practices of Inclusve Guidance
Publishing Details

Type of Medium: Handbook (accessible pdf, no print-version)

Publisher: Behinderung und Entwicklungszusammenarbeit e.V.
Place: Essen
Year of publication: 2020

Additional information: 60 pages

Price: 10 € (accessible pdf) in Germany and Europe
For partner organisations in countries of the global south we offer the handbook as accessible pdf-document for free. Please write an e-mail to and place your order.

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