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Projects Abroad

bezev supports various projects abroad that are working to improve the lives of people with disabilities in developing countries. The main objective of the work is to contribute to the sustainable improvement of the living conditions of people with disabilities, especially in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Responsibility for sustainable development is the responsibility of all people, including those with disabilities. bezev is committed to ensuring that people with disabilities in the Global North and the Global South can become actors in sustainable development.

bezev supports various partners and projects abroad that work to improve the lives of people with disabilities in developing countries.

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Current Projects

Inclusive Education and Vocational Training in Uvira, DR Congo

Meeting and exchange of key stakeholders on the inclusive concerns of the project

For children and young people with and without disabilities: A project in Uvira for school and vocational inclusion by bezev and ADED.

La Pirinola in Mexico City

An art project

Especially people with learning disabilities or intellectual impairments encounter many barriers in Mexico. They are structurally excluded and socially stigmatised. Access to school education is only possible to a limited extent. Accordingly, there are hardly any opportunities to learn a profession and lead an independent life.

Voice Ghana in Ho, Ghana

Lecture for nurses of the Regional Hospital

People with disabilities living in rural areas of Ghana have little or no access to education, the labour market, health care, etc. They are also excluded from society to a greater or lesser extent depending on their disability. Moreover, depending on their impairment, they are more or less excluded from society. Often there is simply a lack of information about the causes of disability and education about human rights.

Be the Change Foundation in Elmina, Ghana

Volunteers sit together with the project leader.

Children from poor families often have reduced educational opportunities. In turn, low educational and qualification opportunities reduce their chances of escaping poverty. This is a cycle that "Be the Change Foundation" tries to break. In addition to education, the organisation supports these children in meeting their basic needs.

"Feria Libre" in Cuenca, Ecuador

Games and fun are particularly important

The project at the market site "Feria Libre" is a preventive and inclusive project for children working at the market and also supports young people with impairments/disabilities in all measures.

Rwera Mixed Primary School in Ntungamo, Uganda

weltwärts volunteer with pupils of the project

The "Rwera Mixed Primary School" in Uganda also aims to improve the living conditions of deaf children and children with physical and mental disabilities through education. In general, the educational opportunities for these children in Uganda are very low.

St. Mark's School for the Deaf in Bwanda/Masaka, Uganda

A lesson in the school for the deaf

For deaf people or people with a hearing impairment, the possibilities of communication and thus the educational opportunities are very limited in Uganda. By offering education, the St. Mark School for the Deaf in Bwanda/Masaka is trying to take this important step towards improving living conditions.

Sri Mayapur Vikas Sangha in Nadia, India

An SMVS staff member distributes hygiene items during the Corona pandemic

The non-governmental organisation Sri Mayapur Vikas Sangha works for the responsible well-being of women and children in the poor, rural areas of the Sri Mayapur region through education, organisation and empowerment. This well-being includes sustainable livelihoods, social equality and justice, and economic growth.

Implemented Projects

Corona Assistance in Ghana

A beneficiary wearing a mask is thanking bezev and the NRW Fund

Protection and support for people with disabilities: A project by bezev, the partner organisations Voice Ghana/Be The Change Foundation and with the support of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Monika Girls High School in Bagrot, Pakistan

Thanks to the commitment of the Monika Girls High School, the European Award winners! Pupils take the Europe Prize, including two wheelchair users. The students of the vocational school of the Heinrich-Haus gGmbh in Neuwied (BBS) have been supporting the Monika Girls High School since 2011. bezev supports them in their fundraising activities, for example with the touring exhibition 'Development is there for everyone'.

Inclusive Education in Bangladesh

The William and Mary Tailor Inclusive School (WMTS) in Savar is the only 'inclusive' primary school in the region that educates children with and without disabilities. The project aimed to improve learning conditions so that all children can participate in qualified inclusive education.