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Corona Assistance in Ghana

Protection and support for people with disabilities: A project by bezev, the partner organisations Voice Ghana/Be The Change Foundation and with the support of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

With the help of funding from the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, bezev and its project partners Voice Ghana and Be The Change Foundation were able to support numerous people with disabilities through Corona emergency aid packages from July to October 2020.


People with disabilities/impairments are particularly affected by the impact of the Corona crisis in countries of the Global South. Measures have been and are being taken by governments around the world to protect people from the Corona pandemic. These protective measures often do not reach people with disabilities, even though they are part of the risk group. At the same time, these protective measures lead to people with disabilities losing their sources of income and thus their livelihood. In addition, they sometimes do not receive adequate information on COVID and self-protection, they are dependent on the personal support of others, which makes "social distancing" more difficult, and they have less access to medical care. However, the impact of the pandemic and its protective measures also affects the work of organisations for people with disabilities. Financial resources are increasingly lacking, and direct contact with the target group is considerably restricted.

The project:

With a grant of 14,000.00 EUR from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, bezev and its two partner organisations (Voice Ghana and Be The Change Foundation) were able to provide emergency Corona assistance in Ghana:

  • Community and home visits to people with disabilities.
  • Informing people about the virus and prevention measures
  • Distributing food, hygiene products and personal protective equipment
  • Equipping a health centre
  • Funding salaries, administrative costs and transport and accommodation costs for the two partner organisations

The financial support enabled many people with disabilities/impairments in Ampenyi and the Volta region to know that they are not forgotten in emergency situations. The Corona aid packages were a relief for many: they were able to protect themselves adequately against infection and their food needs were secured for the project period. Even though the pandemic is not over yet and only some of the people with disabilities were covered, the project made a difference in the lives of the beneficiaries.

We would like to thank Minister Dr. Stephan Holthoff-Pförtner for the State of North Rhine-Westphalia for the grant and our partner organisations Voice Ghana and Be The Change Foundation for implementing the project!

A beneficiary wearing a mask is thanking bezev and the NRW Fund

A beneficiary wearing a mask is thanking bezev and the NRW Fund

A beneficiary with Corona aid package

A beneficiary with Corona aid package

A lady with her Corona aid package

A lady with her Corona aid package

Corona in the Global South

Veronica Addy from Ghana

How is the Corona Crisis changing the lives of people with disabilities in countries of the Global South?

Voice Ghana in Ho, Ghana

Lecture for nurses of the Regional Hospital

People with disabilities living in rural areas of Ghana have little or no access to education, the labour market, health care, etc. They are also excluded from society to a greater or lesser extent depending on their disability. Moreover, depending on their impairment, they are more or less excluded from society. Often there is simply a lack of information about the causes of disability and education about human rights.

Be the Change Foundation in Elmina, Ghana

Volunteers sit together with the project leader.

Children from poor families often have reduced educational opportunities. In turn, low educational and qualification opportunities reduce their chances of escaping poverty. This is a cycle that "Be the Change Foundation" tries to break. In addition to education, the organisation supports these children in meeting their basic needs.