Behinderung und Entwicklungs­zusammen­arbeit e.V.

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bezev offers consultation for people with impairment/disability wanting to go abroad as well as professional advice for organizations interested in the topic of inclusion.

For Individuals

  • Addressing and consulting young adults with impairment/disability regarding a stay abroad - the consultation is free of charge and provided across all organizations 
  • Forwarding applications from people with impairment/disability to other organizations and their partners

For Organizations

  • Consultation for organizations throughout the whole process of sending a volunteer abroad, e.g. regarding accessibility, additional needs/cost, insurance, legal issues etc.
  • Give interested organizations a plattform for networking
  • Evaluating the experiences made by volunteers with impairment/disability and organizations involved in an inclusive volunteer service and publishing these experiences in multilingual handbooks

Since 2015 bezev is commissioned by the BMZ as a center of excellence for the inclusion of volunteers with impairment/disability in the volunteer program "weltwärts". That's why we are working closely with different committees in the program and mediate between the BMZ and the civil society regarding different questions/matters of inclusion.

You find the offers of our "Center of Excellence for International Volunteering" for individuals and organizations in this leaflet.

Information for Volunteers

There are many different possibilities for international voluntary commitment. More and more of these are being designed in an inclusive way. bezev is offering consultation for persons with impairment/disability about the various options available for an inclusive voluntary service.

Returnees with Disability

The long-term objective of most of the international voluntary service programs is to create active citizens for social change, fostered by the returnees in their own countries.

Information for Organizations

Find more information on how to establish and mantain inclusive cultures, working structures, practices and processes for your organization and for your offers/programs of voluntary commitment.

Model Project: Promotion for Inclusive Participation

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Empowering young people with impairment/disability to equally take part in the different programmes and forms of volunteering abroad.