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Documentation Evaluation Workshop: „Inclusion in the South-North Programme“

Read here the short documentation of the workshop and get new insights in Inclusion in the South-North programme.

Our digital evaluation workshop took place from September 30 to October 1, 2021. Participants from Zambia, Mexico, Ecuador, South Africa and Germany took part in the two-day digital workshop. Since 2020, the Center of Excellence for Inclusion in the weltwärts program has the mandate to also advocate for inclusion in the South-North component. The workshop evaluated the experiences already made with inclusion and the needs of the actors regarding a more inclusive South-North program.

After the participants got to know each other, they worked on the meaning of the term inclusion and on the development of the topic in the weltwärts program. Highlight of the workshop were the reports of two alumni who shared their experiences on site as volunteers with impairments/disabilities. On the second day of the workshop, the participants first worked together on needs for a successful, inclusive South-North volunteer service. This was then used to develop recommendations for the program.

In addition to a stronger focus on communication aspects (inclusive public relations, sensitive communication in volunteer support, etc.), the group also identified the need for training for program actors. Participation of stakeholders and involvement of peers were also deemed central to success. To implement inclusion in the South-North component, a system change in the form of a social rethinking is also required.

During the two days, intensive work was done and many evaluation insights were gained. We would like to thank all participants for the intensive, productive, and exciting exchange

Read here the short documentation of the workshop.

Topic of the Evaluation Workshop: „Inclusion in the South-North Programme“

Topic of the Evaluation Workshop: „Inclusion in the South-North Programme“