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Here you will find the most important information, if you want to go weltwärts with bezev. Please read this information carefully before applying.

If you want to go weltwärts with bezev, you will find the most important information here. Please read this information carefully before applying.

First of all you can also have a look at the interview with Julia and Till. They explain how their volunteer service was organised.

You can turn on the subtitles by pressing the CC button. The video is also available with audio description (Link: )
and in sign language (Link: ).

The application deadline for departure in summer is the 15th November of the previous year.
The selection days usually take place at the end of November.

Who can apply?

  • You are between 18 and 28 years old
  • If you have an impairment or a disability you can apply up to 35 years. This also applies if you have a chronic disease. There are also exceptions for people above 35 possible.
  • You have basic foreign language skills (depending on country: English, Spanish, French)
  • You are open-minded for other cultures
  • You are available between 8 and 24 months
  • You have empathy and are flexible - You have a completed special school, have a secondary school a general certificate of secondary education, a completed vocational training, final secondary-school examination or a completed study. 

We also offer individual counselling! If you are older than 35 years or prefer another program apart from weltwärts, send us an Email at

Which support do I get?

  • Flight and travel expenses
  • Accommodation and catering
  • Pocket money
  • Insurance (Foreign health-, liability -, accident insurance)
  • Preparation/Scheduling and postprocessing (two preparatory seminars and one postprocessing seminar are compulsory)
  • Pedagogical support during voluntary service
  • If there is any need of additional demand, we will find a solution

  The weltwärts volunteer programme of the BMZ (Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development) covers 75% of the voluntary service costs. 25% must be contributed by bezev. We would be pleased if you would support us in this and, for example, set up a personal sponsorship. We will give you useful suggestions.

How can I apply?

The voluntary service should not only be an enrichment for you, it should also be helpful and meaningful for the local partner organisation. Therefore, we are trying to bring together the volunteers’ interests and abilities with the needs of the local partner organisation. In order to meet this claim, we need as much information as possible about your abilities and interests.

Please send us:

  •  The application forms
  • A curriculum vitae with your own assessment of your language skills
  •  A letter of motivation

Please send us those three documents as email attachments (certificates are not necessary) to:

If you prefer sending your application by post, please understand that in case of a cancellation, we can’t return your application.