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Educational support

bezev accompanies you before, during and after your voluntary service!
In the framework of weltwärts all volunteers take part in three seminars each. bezev accompanies you intensively in:

  • two preparatory seminars in May and June/July (7 to 8 days in Germany, 15 seminar days in total)
  • an intermediate seminar in January/February (5-6 days in the host country)
  • a follow-up seminar September/October (5-6 days in Germany)


In general, the seminars should provide knowledge in the field:   

  • Disability in the Global South
    Basic issues of development cooperation 
  • Intercultural encounter / communication 
  • Country and project specific topics 
  • Antiracism 
  • Conflict and problem solving strategies 
  • Global learning topics

The preparation seminar

In the preparation seminar we want to provide you with theoretical and practical preparation for your voluntary service.

During the preparation seminar we will introduce you to these and many other questions. Your preparation seminar will also take place with other bezev volunteers who will also be going abroad. This will give you the opportunity to discuss your expectations and wishes in detail.

Since former volunteers will also take part in the preparation seminar, you can ask direct questions to those who have already completed a volunteer service with bezev. The former volunteers are happy to share their experiences with you

• What does it mean to do a development volunteer service in the Global South?
• What challenges might I face?
• How do I deal with conflicts? How do I communicate my concerns?
• How do I report about volunteer service without conveying prejudices?
• What organizational preparations do I need to make (visas, vaccinations, etc.)?

The intermediate seminar

The intermediate seminar usually takes place abroad after your first 4-5 months, i.e. in January or February.

The seminar should serve to

• to reflect on your experiences in volunteer service so far and to draw an interim conclusion (What do I like? What do I not enjoy so much?)
• to develop solutions for problems
• Goals to be defined for the remaining time
• Share experiences with other volunteers

The follow-up seminar

Even after your volunteer service, we want to accompany you in your return to Germany.
In the follow-up seminar you will meet bezev volunteers from the preparation seminar again. We would like to support you:

• Review your expectations before your volunteer service and your many new experiences
• to process your experiences
• work with you to find ways to continue your commitment after the voluntary service 

- Review your expectations before your volunteer service and your many new experiences
- to process your experiences
- work out with you how you can continue to be involved after the voluntary service