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Feria Libre/ Fundación El Arenal – Cuenca, Ecuador

The Fundación El Arenal is a project for children working in the biggest market Feria Libre - El Arenal of the Andes city Cuenca. The children have to contribute to the income of their family with their work. The Foundation supports the development of the children by various educational, medical and psychological offers, in order to prevent an impending disability and to prevent them from becoming street children later on. It cooperates closely with families and local schools.

Activities for volunteers:

  • Support employees with various children and youth groups, i.e. participation and support of:
  • School preparation, homework assistance, (English)tuition
  • Games, leisure and cultural activities
  • workshops (musical, mathematical-logical and scientific) and the children's assemblies
  • Excursions/field trips, seminars and projects
  • serving food in the lunch canteen and with serving snacks between meals
  • depending on own interest and qualification: support and assistance of employees in cooperation with parents and institutions (home and school visits) 


Requirements for volunteers:

  • Enjoy dealing with children and youth
  • Spanish language skills

Number of volunteers: 1-2
Departure: August/ September
Stay: 12 months