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La Pirinola: - Mexico-Stadt, Mexico

La Pirinola (Actividades culturales, educativas y de desarrollo para educación especial A.C.) is an organisation where people with and without disabilities are involved. Public relations and cultural work about inclusion and impairment/disability is the goal of the work, operated by a radio station for people with and without disabilities and by the Centro Formativo, a training centre for young people and adults with learning disabilities. There are daily artistic and handicraft courses as well as courses for the promotion of professional and practical skills, in which in average about 20 participants actively participate.

Tasks for volunteers in the Centro Formativo:

  • Collaboration in daily activities with the participants of the centre.
  • Support the development of new projects
  • Development of an own creative or sportive workshop in cooperation and in coordination with the employees.

Tasks for volunteers in the radio station:

  • Collaboration in the media and communication programme of La Pirinola: radio, homepage, blog
  • in cooperation with the employees and correspondents, the volunteer develops and takes care of the radio programme, the contents of the homepage/ Facebook page etc.
  • socialise networks and contacts to similar organisations and media


Requirements for volunteers:


  • openness to "work in progress" and - adaptability to changing tasks
  • Self-sufficiency and the ability to work in a team
  • intercultural sensitivity and openness in dealing with people with disabilities
  • Spanish language skills advantageous, English language skills helpful


  • Experience with creative activities in the artistic field
  • Training in the pedagogical field (e.g. conceptualisation of course offerings)


Number of volunteers: 2 (one in the Centro and one in the media programme)
Departure: between July and September
Stay: 12 months

Note on barrier-free: The volunteer must be able to climb stairs.

Asociation Pro Personas con Paralisis Cerebral (APAC), Mexico-City

APAC is a non-profit and private charity that provides educational, psychological, rehabilitation and social integration assistance to people with disabilities and their families. The organization aims to individually and professionally care for, train and accompany babies, children, adolescents and adults with cerebral palsy or other disabilities.

Tasks of the volunteers:

  • To support early intervention in rehabilitation, accompaniment and education and to assist in special events and programs organized by APAC.
  • Support in artistic activities such as dance, painting and handicrafts
  • Support of students in their rehabilitation therapies
  • Story telling, drama plays

Depending on the volunteer's interests and skills, he/she can (in consultation with the local staff) develop his/her own additional offers. 

Requirements for the volunteer:

  • First experiences with people with disabilities are an advantage 
  • Experience in the pedagogical field (school, leisure time) helpful, gladly training or study in the (curative, special) pedagogical or educational field, but not absolutely necessary 
  • Adaptability and intercultural sensitivity 
  • Spanish knowledge desired

Number of volunteers: 1
Departure: August/ September
Stay: 12 months
Accommodation: Apartment or host family 

Technological University of Xicorepec de Juarez, Puebla Mexiko

The physiotherapeutic clinic, linked to a university, makes it possible for people from the region to be treated free of charge. The aim is to provide physiotherapy to people who cannot afford to pay for it. Among the visitors there is a large number of people with disabilities/ handicaps. Students from the fields of physiotherapy and rehabilitation are also involved in these areas. The students are professionally instructed and accompanied by the university and the treating physiotherapists on site.

Tasks of the volunteers:
The volunteer helps in the physiotherapeutic clinic. He/she will help with students of the university in the area of free physiotherapy for the region. A professional exchange between the volunteer and the students is desired. It should also be about the intercultural exchange between young, committed physiotherapists.

Requirements for the volunteer:

  • Knowledge in the field of physiotherapy (advantageous with training or studies) or subject related fields
  • Empathy
  • Interest in working with people with disabilities
  • Interest in working with socially disadvantaged groups
  • Interest in professional exchange
  • Basic knowledge of Spanish and/or willingness to learn Spanish
  • English skills are an advantage

Number of volunteers: 1
Departure: August
Stay: 12 months