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Poverty and Disability Worldwide - A Neglected Problem?

Human Rights Conference from 6th December 2013 in Berlin.

Worldwide, 1.29 billion people live in absolute poverty. Poverty does not only mean low income, but also includes social aspects such as access to food, clean drinking water, health, education and decent housing. People with disabilities worldwide are at greater risk of living in poverty than other population groups. Most poor people live in the so-called developing countries. However, people who are considered poor also live in Germany. According to the Federal Statistical Office, 13 million people are at risk of poverty in this country.

People living in poverty are often victims of human rights violations and are excluded from social developments. Those who cannot read will find it difficult to claim their rights. On the other hand, poverty is in many cases a consequence of human rights violations.

At a high-level meeting at the United Nations in September 2013, the international community reaffirmed its commitment to make every effort to halve poverty by 2015. People with disabilities have not been sufficiently taken into account in poverty reduction measures to date. It is therefore important to include them more - this is especially true for the post-2015 development agenda.

The conference took a global look at human rights, poverty and disability and explained their interrelationships. Another aim was to work out perspectives on how the human rights of persons with disabilities can be better taken into account in the current and future development agenda. The results of the conference are available on request.

bezev organised the conference in cooperation with Interessenvertretung Selbstbestimmt Leben Deutschland e.V. -ISL.

Human Rights Conference on Poverty and Disability

Human Rights Conference on Poverty and Disability