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Call for Papers - Disability under condition of war and displacement

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2022-2 Call for Papers

Theme: Disability under condition of war and displacement

‘Too often invisible, too often forgotten, and too often overlooked, refugees with disabilities are among the most isolated, socially excluded and marginalized of all displaced populations’, urged the former United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and now United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in 2008. The quote not only highlighted the situation of refugees with disabilities, but more generally the situation of people with disabilities in times of crisis and war. 14 years later, this statement still seems highly relevant, not least because of the recent developments in Ukraine, which have brought the problem to our attention once again. Although the topic of flight and migration is discussed extensively in public whenever a new conflict arises, one thing is even more striking: people with disabilities are hardly addressed in the discussions about displacement and war in media, research and literature.  

The war in Ukraine joins a series of trouble spots, armed conflicts and humanitarian emergencies that have been forgotten too quickly or were only little addressed in recent years: the Taliban takeover after the withdrawal of international troops from Afghanistan, civil wars in Ethiopia, South Sudan or Syria, the persistent Yemen crisis, the Rohingya conflict in Myanmar or even the drug war in Mexico, to name a few. Although Article 11 of the UN CRPD obliges all States Parties to ensure the protection and safety of persons with disabilities in situations of risks, including armed conflict, humanitarian emergencies and natural disasters, they are among the most vulnerable groups of refugees and their circumstances in crisis situations remain a "blind spot". What particular challenges do they face during acute attack-war situation or while fleeing their homeland? How are their specific concerns addressed by humanitarian agencies? How do people with disabilities fare in host countries or displacement shelters? But also: What role do persons with disabilities or Organisations of Persons with Disabilities (OPDs) have in peacebuilding and reconciliation processes?

Against this background, issue 2022-2 of the journal “Disability and International Development” is intended to review the situation of persons with disabilities in the context of displacement and war and take a closer look at challenges, countermeasures, lessons learned and best practices. We invite researchers and experts from the field to contribute to one of the following topics:

  • scientific studies highlighting the journeys from persons with disabilities for refuge from Global South to Global North or within the Global South and additional disadvantaging factors that women or children with disabilities, or persons with disabilities with certain ethnic or religious background face
  • reports on the experiences of persons with disabilities during forced displacement, in host countries and in post-conflict or humanitarian contexts
  • models, programmes, concepts, and practices that promote the rights and needs of persons with diverse disabilities in accessing protection and safety in situations of war and conflict
  • experiences, successes, challenges, and lessons learned of persons with disabilities, OPDs or facilities for persons with disabilities in the areas of armed conflicts, humanitarian emergencies, forced displacement as well as peacebuilding and reconciliation
  • data, reports, and concepts on mainstreaming the concerns of persons with disabilities through humanitarian agencies and initiatives.  

Before you send us your suggestion, please read the “Information for Authors” first and then contact the coordinating editor via e-mail then:

Judith Langensiepen (

Deadline for submission of papers: July 31, 2022