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Current Issue 2023/1

Key Topic: Inclusion in the Provision of Public Services

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Katalog Nr.: 2471

Zeitschrift "Behinderung und internationale Entwicklung / Disability and International Development" 2023/1

Thema / Theme: Inklusion in der Daseinsvorsorge / Inclusion in the Provision of Public Services

Local Planning and Employment Promotion for Persons with Disabilities in Ghana
Lars Wissenbach/Efua Mantey Agyire-Tettey

Social Accountability as a Tool to Enhance the Inclusiveness of Local Government
Edward Winter

Inklusion in der öffentlichen Planung (Planung für Inklusion vs. lokale Planung inklusiv gestalten) – Inklusive Plätze in den Partnerstädten Leipzig und Addis Abeba
Jana Zehle/Katja Roloff

School Inclusion of a Child with Asperger in Santa Marta, Colombia
Vanessa Tatiana Badillo Jiménez/Isabel Cristina García Navarro



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