Behinderung und Entwicklungs­zusammen­arbeit e.V.

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Current Issue 2023/2

Key Topic: Persons with Disabilities and Climate Change

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Katalog Nr.: 2472

Zeitschrift "Behinderung und internationale Entwicklung / Disability and International Development" 2023/2

Thema / Theme: Menschen mit Behinderungen und Klimawandel / Persons with Disabilites and Climate Change

Inclusive Mobility and Innovation for Climate Action
Antje Tonn/Chandni Ahuja

Climate Justice: An African Disability Perspective
Francisca Anita Adom-Opare

Disability-Inclusive Health and Climate: Calling for Converging and Integrating Policies
Davide Ziveri/Mary Keogh/Jennifer Pitter-López

First Explosive Weapons Monitor – Two Years of Harm to Civilians from the Use of Explosive Weapons (2021-2022)
Emily Niklas



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