Behinderung und Entwicklungs­zusammen­arbeit e.V.

Current Issue 2020/3

Key Topic: Children with Disabilities in War

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Katalog Nr.: 2417

Zeitschrift "Behinderung und internationale Entwicklung / Disability and International Development" 2020/3

Schwerpunktthema/Key Topic: Kinder mit Behinderungen im Krieg/Children with Disabilities in Conflict

Fostering Inclusive Child Development: Its Impact on the Quality of Life of Children Living in Displacement Settings
Jodie Nguy/Diana Harnden/Elena Gariboldi

Being Excluded From Your Own Future: Examples From Refugee Children With Disabilities in the Gaza and Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh
Stephanie Schramm/Bilge Menekse

Making Disability Inclusion a Local Planning Task – Implications for International Development Cooperation
Lars Wissenbach/Isabella Bertmann-Merz





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