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AHP2V - Baham, Kamerun

AHP2V (Association Humanitaire pour la Promotion de Personnes Vulnerables) is located the small city Baham in the west of Cameroon. There are no educational of vocational offers in the area for people with physical disabilities. AHP2V serves as a housing- and training facility for people with disabilities. The school children are brought to school every day. Children with learning disabilities are taught at the centre. The organisation also offers medical aid in the physiotherapeutic clinic.

Tasks for volunteers:

  • Support children and adolescents with physical impairments in everyday life (cooking, washing, etc.)
  • Assistance in school and vocational training measures, e.g. alphabetization measures or instruction in vocational trainings (tailoring, candle making, agriculture/cattle breeding)
  • Support in existing leisure activities
  • In consultation with employees; own ideas for leisure and training activities can be implemented wherever possible.

 Requirements to volunteer:

  •   Interests in working together with people with physical disabilities 
  • Interest in health / medical care, knowledge in group instructions (sport, theatre, music, handicraft)
  • Intercultural sensitivity and self-sufficiency
  • The desire to live and work together with the
  • Centres occupants
  • French language skills beneficial


Number of volunteers: 1-2
Accommodation: Own room on the project site
Departure: August/September
Stay: 12 months

Note: The placement centre is happy to receive applications from volunteers with vocational training (preferably in the medical, nursing or therapeutic field).

CISPAM – Bafoussam, Kamerun

CISPAM (Centre d'Intégration pour Aveugles et Malvoyants) is a school and boarding school for children and young people who are blind or visually impaired. The aim of the organisation is to teach the children and young people Braille, to make school education accessible and to enable them to graduate from school or even university or to receive vocational education. A workshop area is used for vocational orientation/training.

Tasks for volunteers:

  • Assistance at school, especially for children who need to learn Braille before being integrated into mainstream school.
  • Assistance during pupils' examination periods: Tutoring and assistance during exams (e.g. translating exercise into Braille)
  • Depending on volunteers skills, support in vocational training for blind and visually impaired young people
  • Collaboration in the development of small projects, e.g. a Braille library.
  • Support of blind and visually impaired children/young people in everyday life (cooking, etc.).
  • assistance in leisure activities (sports, music, etc.).


Requirements for volunteers:

  • Openness to work with people with disabilities,
  • First experiences in working with children/ youth
  • Basic French language skills
  • Willingness to learn Braille


Number of volunteers: 1-2
Departure: August/September
Stay: 12 months

Note: CISPAM welcomes applications from volunteers who are blind or visually impaired.