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Reports by volunteers

Every year, many young people are travelling abroad. They make different experiences and learn a lot. Most of them write a final report after their return. Here are different reports.

Our campaign-video shows Till and Julian, Tina and Isa, Lena and Marlene, who did a voluntary service abroad. It was a special experience for them. You can volunteer too!

For a voluntary service abroad it is not important what you can’t do, but what you can do. / For a voluntary service abroad it doesn’t matter what you can’t to, we care about what you can do!

RainerSturm /

RainerSturm /

Reports from Ghana

Garden Special School in Kumasi, Ghana

Tina has already worked as a speech therapist in Germany. At 26 she decided to go to Ghana with weltwärts. Here you can find a video of her work abroad: 


Voice Ghana 

Weltwärts volunteer Lena describes the tasks she has to do in Ghana in her work with Voice Ghana. She works mainly on the topic of inclusion in schools. Here you can find a video of her work abroad:


Marlene in Ghana 

Marlene was also in Ghana. For eight months she did voluntary service in a school for deaf children. In this video she tells about her experiences in sign language:    

  Abschlussbericht Salvation Army School - 15 kB
Eine Freiwillige berichtet von ihren Erfahrungen an der Salvation Army School in Swedru

  Abschlussbericht Voice Ghana - 137 kB
Ein Bericht über einen Freiwilligendienst bei der Selbsthilfeorgnisation Voice Ghana

Reports from Tanzania

  Abschlussbericht LVDC - 284 kB
Ein Bericht über den Einsatz am Lake Victoria Disability Centre (LVDC) in Musoma.

Reports from Uganda


Reports from Mexiko

  Abschlussbericht La Pirinola - 126 kB
Eine Freiwillige berichtet über ihre Zeit in der Einsatzstelle "La Pirinola" in Mexiko-Stadt.

Reports from Ecuador

  Halbzeit-Bericht Fundación El Arenal - 199 kB
Ein Bericht von einer Freiwilligen nach der Hälfte ihrer Dienstzeit in der Fundación El Arenal in der Stadt Cuena.

Reports from India

  Abschlussbericht Arche - 533 kB
Lioba berichtet über ihre Arbeit und ihr Leben in einer Lebensgemeinschaft der Arche in Indien.

Reports from Kamerun

An interview with Till and Julia about their experiences abroad:

Einfach machen – Interview from bezev on Vimeo.

  Abschlussbericht Buea School for the Deaf - 89 kB
Till reflektiert seinen Freiwilligendienst an der Buea School for the Deaf in Kamerun.

Reports from Thailand

Kai did a voluntary service in Thailand. In this video he talks about his experiences while working abroad: